Sherri Stewart


What laugh-out-loud movie comes to mind?

My favorite moments are

  • Rolling down the hill in The Princess Bride
  • Many scenes in Bridget Jones' Diary
  • Miss Congeniality--Tell us about a favorite date? April 1, 19998.
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding--The aunt
  • Monty Python and Holy Grail's Black Knight
  • The wedding shower scene from Bridesmaids

Sometimes, you just gotta laugh. I like to add humor to my books--usually it's at the expense of my main character's flaw. In Come Out of Hiding, Julie has no filter, so her friends have to make her apologies. And Julie knows nothing about children so she does a Google search. In my newest book, The Good Little Nurse, Analise, my main character is naive. Her roommate sets her up on a date for hire because she needs to make some money to pay her dorm fees. In this case, the reader knows more than Analise. Some of the stories were my mother's experiences (not the date for hire). The newborn with the name TP, Analise having to deliver a baby in the snowbank, and getting in trouble for a serenade outside her window. We read for different reasons--sometimes, it's for pure escapism. That's when I enjoy a Stephanie Plum book. They're always good for a laugh out loud.

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