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The Princess Bride-Why I love it

I have seen this wonderful parody innumerable times, but it never gets old. What's not to love? Giants, priests with lisps, Miracle Max, Pirates named Robert. What makes it so fun is the irony of it all. It's ironic that the hero and heroine are named Buttercup and Westley rather than, say, Aurora and Roman. It's ironic that the giant is not only gentle but can keep up his end of repartee with Montoya. It's ironic that the Miracle Max announces that Westley is "only mostly dead." I love irony. (Here's where I make the leap to Biblical irony, so you can stop reading if you care to). God's word is full of irony, so I have to think that God has a sense of humor. Consider the book of Esther. It never mentions God, but it's full of his providence in countless ironic scenes. If you haven't read Esther for irony, give it a read. The Queen Bride has at least eight ironic scenes. So, what example in any book or movie comes to mind when you think of irony?

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